Every journey begins with a single step.

Congratulations to you for taking this one!

I’m looking forward to supporting you with this Discovery Session!

The time we spend together will give us an opportunity to take a closer look at your at your “money mirror” to see what it reveals is needed for you to experience freedom, ease, peace of mind and PLENTY with money. 

Together, we’ll look to see what the best path of action is for you and how and if I can support you in that process. 

Before we schedule your Discovery Session, I have a few questions to ask you that will help me determine if what you are looking for is something that I can support you with – in this program or in other ways. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.  

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding your application for this FREE Discovery Session!

If your responses indicate that this program (or my other services) could provide you with the support you need, I will contact you within 24 hours (M-F) to schedule a time for your session.  (Note: I will either contact you via phone or email.)

If, however, your answers to the questions below indicate that what you are looking for is not a match for the Claim Your Money Power Program! or any of the services I offer, I will let you know right away and we will not proceed with scheduling a Discovery Session.